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Benefits of oxidation treatment on the surface of aluminum p

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-05-27 16:03
Why is the surface anodized during the processing of aluminum? What are the benefits of the treated alumina sheet? 
In order to overcome the defects of surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum plate, expand the application range and prolong the service life, surface treatment technology has become an indispensable part in the use of aluminum plate, and anodizing technology is the most widely used and most successful. The so-called anodization of aluminum is an electrochemical process in which aluminum is used as an anode for electrolysis in a certain electrolyte to form a durable oxide film on the surface of aluminum. This oxide film is protective, decorative and some other functional properties.
The surface of the anodized aluminum has a naturally formed oxide film which is poor in corrosion resistance and soft, and cannot be an effective protective layer and is less suitable for coloring. Therefore, an artificial oxide film is required - anodizing makes the aluminum plate high quality:
1. The oxide layer never falls off: the surface oxide layer never falls off, and there have been successful precedents in foreign countries with more than 40 years of application experience.
2, corrosion resistance: surface anodizing treatment, can protect the aluminum plate from erosion and rust, even in special use environment (industrial, urban, marine climate, etc.) can be used for a long time.
3, the surface is scratch resistant: scratch resistant, the surface hardness reaches the sapphire level.
4, easy to clean: no vacuum and easy to clean, anti-fingerprint ability.
5, green and environmental protection: environmentally friendly materials, 100% recyclable, and itself is more than 50% of recycled materials manufacturing, in the process of use will not produce harmful gases, will not deteriorate, and even can be recycled.
6. Multi-color: After the anodizing treatment, the alumina plate is rich in color and beautiful in color.
After anodizing, the surface of the aluminum plate can be widely used in various industries, and the finished product is not only durable but also has a good decorative effect.
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