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Common types and uses of aluminum tread plates-Mingtai Alumi

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-05-23 15:33
In the actual aluminum plate sales market, aluminum tread plates can be divided into different shapes of aluminum tread plates, such as compass aluminum alloy aluminum tread plates, five rib aluminum alloy pattern plates, lentils, and diamonds. In general, diamond-shaped aluminum tread plates are the most common, and this special shape of aluminum plate is often used for pipe packaging in actual production processes.
According to the different alloy materials, the pattern aluminum plate can also be divided into the following special types. The following special types of pattern aluminum plates are also suitable for different production occasions.
1: Ordinary aluminum alloy pattern aluminum plate, which is a kind of ordinary aluminum plate, but this material aluminum plate product also has a wide range of applications: cold storage, outer packaging, flooring and so on. If the producer does not have any special requirements for the aluminum sheet, it is possible to choose this type of aluminum sheet product. Compared with other aluminum sheet products, the price of the ordinary aluminum alloy pattern aluminum sheet is slightly lower. And if there is no special need, the ordinary material pattern aluminum plate can also meet the production requirements.
2: Aluminum-manganese alloy pattern aluminum plate, which is a kind of aluminum plate with higher strength, and the aluminum plate of this material has certain anti-rust property, so this is a safety aluminum plate. This type of pattern aluminum plate is often used in special places such as cold storage, ships, cars, etc., but if the aluminum plate is used in a relatively high-altitude area or a high-hanging area, it is recommended to use an aluminum plate with anti-slip function.
The above is the introduction of different classifications of pattern aluminum plates and the use of different material pattern aluminum plates by industry authorities. I hope that readers can further understand this by introducing readers. It is also hoped that people with relevant product needs can complete the procurement work more easily through this introduction.
Anti-slip aluminum plate and aluminum tread plate, currently used in China, the non-slip aluminum plate includes five series of ribs (willow pattern) and pointer series, especially the five-ribbed aluminum plate is widely used in working platforms, carriages, ship bilges, cold storage, workshop slip. .
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