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7075, 5083, 5052 aluminum plate allowed defects Mingtai Alum

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-05-23 15:28
According to the influence of defects on product quality and standard regulations, the defects of aluminum alloy sheet strips such as 7075 aluminum sheet, 5083 aluminum sheet and 5052 aluminum strip can be divided into the following three categories.
(1) Some defects are not allowed
The occurrence of such defects means that the product is absolutely scrapped. It includes the corrosion of the corrosion resistance of the product, such as pores, inclusions, over-burning, etc., which causes the structure to be intimate and combined, and the corrosion resistance of the aluminum-clad layer, the tracestone, and the slip. The wire waste destroys the waste structure of the whole structure of the product, such as tears and cracked holes, and the mechanical properties that do not meet the requirements of the requirements or standards, and the dimensional accuracy does not match.
(2) Allowed defects
Such defects are specified in the standard or can be classified into a defined defect. Although they reduce the overall performance of the product, they can be used as long as they meet the standard requirements. For example, in the area and depth of the factory, defects such as surface bubbles, waves, scratches, emulsion marks, depressions, scratches, marks, sticks, shear waves, peeling, etc., allow slight defects such as crimping, Defects such as non-metal pressing, metal pressing, pine branch pattern, etc. meet the defects of the standard such as small black spots,
(3) Other defects
There are no clearly defined and unspecified defects in a standard, such as side bends, oil marks, water marks, surface non-illumination, patterns, paint films and other defects. Destroy the defects such as grain diffusion, white spots, cracks, shrinkage and fractures.
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