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The advantages of using aluminum alloy as the cap material M

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-05-21 13:16
Nowadays, the material of the cap material is often made of aluminum. The aluminum cap material is used more and more in people's lives, replacing the original tinplate and stainless steel. The aluminum cap material is generally made of 8011 and 1060 alloys. The thickness is generally between 0.17 mm and 0.5 mm.
1060 alloy is a kind of cover method of aluminum-plastic combination. Because the aluminum-plastic joint part will contact the liquid in the bottle, most of it is applied to the cosmetics industry, and some are applied to the pharmaceutical industry. The 8011 alloy is generally used for direct stamping. A kind of capping method for molding, the performance of the two alloys 8011 is superior.
It is also a good choice to use a bottle cap for making a white wine cover. The red wine cap has a high utilization rate, the punching depth can reach 60-80mm, and the oxidation effect is good, and the tinplate can reach 1/10, the recycling rate is high, and the environment is good, so it is accepted by more manufacturers and customers. .
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