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Mingtai Aluminum note on the application of aluminum checker

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-05-17 14:01
The application of patterned aluminum panels in the market is widely welcomed. The pattern aluminum plate not only has many applications in some factories and warehouses, but also is favored by many people in home decoration. The color of the pattern aluminum plate is light, the structure is light, the surface is bright, and it is very bright in the process of using it at home. Then what should we pay attention to when we are in the pattern aluminum plate in the nursing home? The following pattern aluminum plate manufacturers will take you to understand.
1. In the process of cleaning the pattern aluminum plate, we should pay attention to the cleaning of the pattern aluminum plate from top to bottom and from the outside to the inside. The order of cleaning must be carried out in the prescribed order, otherwise it may cause certain pattern on the aluminum plate. hurt.
2. Because the chemical properties of aluminum products are not stable, we should pay attention to the use of neutral cleaning agents in the cleaning process, avoiding the use of acidic or alkaline cleaning agents to avoid damage to the aluminum plate. Before cleaning the patterned aluminum plate, we can put together the cleaning agent and the aluminum product to see if it will change the chemical properties of the aluminum plate before deciding whether to use the cleaning agent.
3. In the process of cleaning the pattern aluminum plate, we should pay attention to the choice of cleaning materials, and do not use excessive strength tools such as steel balls. When cleaning, we should choose the flat rail type standard wiping window machine.
4. After cleaning the pattern aluminum plate, we should preferably ventilate the room. Because if the aluminum product is left in a wet state for a long time, it is possible to produce an aluminum oxide film on the surface of the aluminum. The oxide film of aluminum is a kind of non-smooth product, which causes the surface of aluminum to be not smooth, and the color of aluminum is not bright, which affects the appearance of the patterned aluminum plate.
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