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What is the difference between 1050 aluminum plate and 1060

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-05-07 16:18
Some customers ask what is the difference between aluminum plate 1050 and 1060? First understand what is aluminum plate, aluminum plate refers to rectangular plate rolled by aluminum ingot, divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, medium thickness aluminum plate and pattern aluminum plate Wait. Aluminum plates 1050 and 1060 are first of all 1 series, that is, pure aluminum plates. The national standard 1050 aluminum plate contains 99.5% aluminum, and the 1060 aluminum plate contains 99.6% aluminum. Since the two aluminum plates are very close in material, in actual use, 1050 aluminum plates are often used. 1060 aluminum plate replacement, then 1050 aluminum plate and 1060 aluminum plate What is the difference, the following from the use of the purpose to introduce it.
The difference between the characteristics of aluminum plate 1050 and aluminum 1060
1. First explain the use of aluminum plate 1050: GB 1050 aluminum plate contains 99.5% aluminum, the production process is relatively simple, strong corrosion resistance and high plasticity.
2, 1060 aluminum plate use: 1060 aluminum plate with aluminum content of 99.6%, 1060 aluminum plate with high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, 1060 aluminum plate has good elongation and tensile strength, fully able to meet the conventional Processing requirements (stamping, drawing) have high moldability.
The difference between the use of aluminum plate 1050 and aluminum 1060
1, 1050 aluminum plate is often used in daily necessities, lighting equipment, reflectors, decorations, chemical industry containers, heat sinks, signs, electronics, lamps, nameplates, electrical appliances, stampings and other products. In some cases where high corrosion resistance and formability are required, but the strength is not high, chemical equipment is a typical use.
2, 1060 aluminum plate is widely used in products with low strength requirements, such as: signs, billboards, building exterior decoration, bus body, high-rise and factory wall decoration, kitchen sink, lamp holder, fan leaf, electronic parts , chemical equipment, sheet metal processing parts, deep drawing or spinning concave vessels, welding parts, heat exchangers, clock surface and disk surface, nameplate, kitchen utensils, decorations, reflective appliances, etc.
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