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Analysis of the use of Mingtai Aluminum PS-based plate

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-05-02 13:33
PS version is also called pre-coated photosensitive plate, which is the abbreviation of Presentsitized Plate. It is a lithographic printing plate on which a photosensitive resin layer is pre-coated on a PS aluminum plate substrate. The high-quality aluminum plate is formed by electrolytic grinding, anodizing and the like. Used for printing. The coating is flat and uniform in thickness, and is an aluminum plate suitable for printing high, fine and fine products. The PS version has better hydrophilicity, wear resistance and chemical stability, so the printing durability of the printing plate is also relatively high.
The commonly used ps aluminum plate substrate is generally a 1 series 1060 H18 state alloy. In addition to the PS plate for printing, 1060 is also widely used in the positive PS version, the thermal CTP plate, the photosensitive CTP plate, the UV-CTP plate, etc. Offset printing plate. The width of the Mingtai PS plate base is generally 400-1600mm, and the conventional thickness is 0.10-0.50mm.
The PS-based aluminum strip requires high surface quality and straightness, so in order to obtain a high-quality PS-based base strip, a special straightening method must be adopted after cold rolling.
Mingtai Aluminum adopts advanced pure stretching type straightening treatment process to avoid defects such as hard bruises, flat marks and shock marks. The PS base strip produced by this equipment has high quality and is PS base tape. Ideal straightening equipment for wood.
In addition, Mingtai Aluminum uses the matte gas guiding technology to improve plate making efficiency. Through the electrostatic spraying of the matte technology, the air between the film and the PS plate is smoothly extracted during the printing process, so that the vacuuming time is shortened by two-thirds compared with the PS version without the matte surface, thereby reducing the plate making time. At the same time, it also effectively reduces the sun-burning phenomenon of large-area flat nets and simplifies the plate-making operation. Advanced multi-layer sanding technology can help the PS plate base to improve the printing durability. It consists of a combination of large and small sands (large waves, medium waves, and small waves). The sands of different sizes share important performances, thus achieving the problem of printing durability and dirt resistance of the plate, making the PS plate a PS plate that is not easy to get dirty and has good printing resistance.
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