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A brief introduction of 3104 aluminum sheet

Edit:admin Date: 2019-04-28 13:54
Aluminum alloy has the character of light weight and small density, which is only 1/3 of steel. Processing and heat treatment can make 3104 aluminum sheets get high strength and have the character of correction resistance and rust protection. Apart from that, an oxidation film can come into being on the surface of 3104 aluminum sheets, which can prevent the metal from oxidation and make 3104 aluminum sheets have good acid-base property. All of above makes 3104 aluminum sheets be widely used in a lot of fields. And most important of all, the character of 3104 aluminum sheets increases the circulation utilization rate.
The main tempers of 3104 aluminum sheets are H111/O /H14/H18/H34 and so on. The maximum tensile strength of 3104 aluminum sheets can be controlled within the range of 275MPA and elongation is at least 20% and more. And just because of the property of 3104 aluminum sheets which has appropriate elongation and good correction resistance and rust protection. Hence, we can process 3104 aluminum sheets into different kinds of alloy according different demands. 3104 aluminum sheets have good cost performance in the field of construction, for example, in the aspect of external wall material.3104 aluminum sheets play an important role in the aspect of comfort, light-duty, long-lasting, environmental protection and economic. What is more,3104 aluminum sheets are widely recognized as a good kind of material for building design because they can last for at least 50 years old.
So far, there are a lot of manufacturers in China ,among which, Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers and it can produce different kinds of products according to customer’s demand. Mingtai Al. has always kept the leader status for its high-tech equipments and good quality and after services. Most important of all, Mingtai’s quality is accepted by customers abroad. If you have any question about aluminum products, please feel free to contact us and we are sure to give you the best serve.
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