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Hot selling 3003-O/H16 aluminum alloy price in Canada

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Hot selling 3003-O/H16 price in Canada manufacturer and supplier
henan mingtai aluminum is a professional Hot selling 3003-O/H16 price in Canada manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years experience. Our main products include: various alloy of aluminum plate, strip, foil, color-coated aluminum coil China, aluminum embossed sheet, diamond aluminum plate, aluminum foil . Mingtai Al. can manufacture 3003-O/H16 price in Canada with many alloy and tempers, and it can be cut to size at customers` need.
As we all know, aluminum alloy can be divided in to 9 series, and the common use has 8 series. When it come to 3000 series, the most widely used alloy is 3003 aluminum alloy, so 3003 aluminum coil is also the common product in aluminum coil alloy is belongs to the AL-Mn alloy, it is the most widely used rust-proof aluminum, the strength of this alloy is not high (slightly higher than the industrial pure aluminum), can not be strengthen by heat treatment, so the cold processing methods is used to improve its mechanics performance. In the annealing state it has a high plasticity, the plastic performance is good in semi-cold harden status, the plastic performance is low in cold harden status, corrosion resistance and weldability are good, the cutting performance is not good. The temper of 3003 aluminum coil are O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38. The thickness is 0.2-2.5 mm, the width is 100-2600 mm, the length is 500-16000 mm. The typical applications are cell phone battery shell material, lighting, interior decoration, bottle cap, beverage cap, cosmetic cover and so on.
Hot selling 3003-O/H16 price in Canada market application:
Widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, building decoration, machine shell, lamps and lanterns lighting, consumer electronics, handicrafts, household appliances, indoor decoration, signs, furniture, car decoration and other industries.

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