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The properties insulation of aluminum sheet by Mingtai Alumi

Edit:admin Date: 2019-04-24 16:09
Insulation is a high-grade aluminum exterior decoration materials in construction has a lot of use, because of its outstanding features were broad features the company's trust.Usually using 1000 series and 3000 series products,coastal areas also use 5000 series products,because it has corrosion resistance.
1. The insulation of aluminum has a beautiful, durable by using the function
Insulation materials which can be in close contact with surface decoration materials, since they deal with the problem of surface insulation materials and decoration materials can not be closely linked. After the connection is not easy to fall, nor loose, but also enhances the strength of the wind pressure surface decoration materials. Surface decoration colors are diverse, and can be processed into a wide range of plate shape, better performance characteristics of the construction decoration.
2. Insulation aluminum compartment fire, heat insulating, fire-resistant feature is also excellent
High temperature insulation aluminum was also not melt, but the formation of smoke less, strong anti-lighted porous char and extend the anti-flame; when a fire or even aluminum insulation was hot, because of its excellent heat insulation function, only its appearance rapid warming, agile produce char and play against flame extension and maintenance of the inner core is not burned up, showing outstanding flame barrier function.
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