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Selection method of aluminum alloy anti-skid aluminum sheet

Edit:admin Date: 2019-04-24 16:18
Aluminum plate manufacturers think that when choosing aluminum alloy anti-skid aluminum plate, we must observe more, and also must polish the eyes when choosing, so as not to choose to have problems with the quality. Here's a brief introduction to how to choose:
First of all, the aluminum profile, thickness, strength and oxide film used for high-quality aluminum alloy skid-proof plates shall conform to the relevant standards, the wall thickness shall be more than 1.2 mm and the tensile strength shall reach 157 newtons per square meter. Yield strength of 108 newtons per square millimeter and oxide film thickness of 10 microns. If can not meet the above standards, is inferior aluminum alloy doors and windows, it can't use.
Second is the processing, high-quality aluminum alloy skid plate, fine processing, installation, good sealing performance, switch free. Inferior aluminum alloy doors and windows, blind selection of aluminum profile series and specifications, processing rough manufacturing, cutting instead of milling processing, do not install according to the requirements, poor sealing performance, switch is not free, not only air leakage and glass burst phenomenon, And encounter strong wind and external force, it is easy to push-pull part or glass scraping or falling, damage objects.

The third aspect is the price, in general, high-quality aluminum alloy anti-skid plate because of high production costs, the price is 30% higher than the inferior aluminum alloy anti-skid plate. At present, there are many self-made aluminum alloy anti-skid plates, they do not know the structural characteristics and properties of aluminum alloy anti-skid plates. In order to reduce the cost of sneaking work and reducing materials, with the secondary filling, the hidden dangers of the products are large, generally not suitable for use. It is best to choose the regular aluminum alloy anti-skid plate manufacturer's products.
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