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The advantages of insulation aluminum material by Mingtai

Edit:admin Date: 2019-04-24 16:16
Among functions of aluminum plate for wall insulation,the insulation is particularly important. However, the aluminum plate used in exterior wall is in line with the national trend of development, low-carbon life, energy saving and environmental protection, and the installation effect, beautiful appearance, many high-end decoration in favor of this new type of decorative materials.
Aluminum sheet used for external wall thermal insulation end has some functions? Here we simply introduce:
1, to improve environmental quality at room temperature. Because the real wall heat capacity in the interior, the outside of the wall thermal insulation layer, so as to lessen the indoor temperature change, room temperature stable shoulder to save energy in the summer heat preservation material can reduce the solar radiation heat transfer and outdoor high temperature effect, so as to make the building warm in winter and cool in summer.
2, can well meet the requirements of energy saving, improved thermal stability and comfort of living room.

3, increase the housing use area, and insulation technology compared to the shoulder effect increase the indoor use area of nearly 1%.
4.the situation improved wet wall. In order to prevent condensation, heat preservation layer need to set the air layer, and the external insulation without an air layer, and the heat insulating material in the exterior wall will not damp, surface layer and external insulation layer to improve the wall temperature of structure layer, reduces its humidity, because of improved insulation performance the wall.
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