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A brief induction of industry pure aluminum

Edit:admin Date: 2019-04-24 16:19
Commercial pure aluminum is generally set as the purity of 99.0%~99.9% while   98.8%~99.7% in China.
Industrial pure aluminium has the character of the aluminium, low density, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance and plasticity, which can be processed into plate, strip, foil, and finished products, also can use gas welding , argon arc welding and spot welding . But aluminum can not strength its intensity by heat but through cold deformation .Then only heat treatments are annealing, crystallization beginning temperature related to impurity content and degree of deformation ,often at 200 ℃.
Uses of the Industrial pure aluminum is widely which can made electrician aluminum, as bus, and wire, and cable, and electronic parts; can made heat exchanger, and cooling device, and chemical equipment; smoke, and tea, and sugar, food and drug of packaging supplies, beer barrels, deep rushed finished;can made roofing Board, and ceiling, and between wall -wall, and sucking sound and adiabatic material, and family appliances, and cookware.
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