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5A03 aluminum alloy using in high-speed rail

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Introduction of high-speed rail sound insulation board
Introduction of high-speed railway sound insulation board
With the development of technology, in recent years, high-speed rail sound insulation board with its beautiful and generous, good landscape, convenient transportation and installation, low cost, corrosion resistance, maintenance-free, long service life and other characteristics, especially suitable for railway, high-speed rail.
The high-speed railway sound insulation board is mainly composed of foundation, column and screen board. The foundation is the main bearing capacity structure of the sound insulation board, which can be designed separately or simultaneously on the road ancillary facilities during the road design. The column is the main force-bearing component of the sound barrier. It can connect the bottom flange of the column firmly with the foundation by means of pre-embedding bolts, planting reinforcement and welding, so as to meet the stress requirements of the whole sound insulation board. The riser of the sound insulation plate is the main component of the noise removal effect of the noise barrier. It can be fixed in the slot of the column by means of special high strength spring, bolt and angle steel to form the sound insulation plate.

5A03 aluminum plate for sound insulation board
Among them, the riser of sound insulation board can adopt alloy aluminum plate. The traditional sound insulation plate has 1 series and 5754 aluminum plate. In the cities facing the sea in the south, it can face the impact of typhoon, and the strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum plate are very high. Most of the 1-series aluminum plates are pure aluminum 5A03 alloy aluminum plate and 5754 alloy aluminum plate, although they are both Al-Mg anti-rust alloy aluminum plates, the magnesium content of the 5A03 aluminum plate is slightly higher than that of the 5754 aluminum plate. Therefore, the corrosion resistance and tensile strength of 5A03 aluminum plate are higher than that of 5754 alloy aluminum plate, which can better resist storm and corrosion.

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