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High quality 6082 Aluminum alloy checkered aluminum plate,fa

Edit:admin Date: 2019-04-24 16:22
The Application of 6082 aluminum tread plates:
1. Archetectural (interior & exterior)
2. Decorative(Floors, counter tops, kickplate)
3. Ramps&  Stairways
4. Transportation( Trailers, firetrucks,RVs)
5. Tool  boxes
6082 diamond aluminum plate ,heat  treated plate , is alloyed with silicon. Mingtai aluminum produce Good Quality  Non-slip Aluminium Floor  with alloy  6082 as a reliable Chinese supplier and manufacturer. Common alloys Non-slip Aluminium Floor Plate include 3003 /5052 /5754 /1050 /1060/ 3105/6082.
6082 Aluminum Alloy have high strength and good weldability, as well good formability after aging process.Mingtai aluminum produce 6082 checkered aluminum alloy and 6082 3-bar checkered aluminum plate, as china supplier ,we are the biggest manufacturer of checkered aluminum plates.
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Tel: 15286802751
Address: Gongyi City,Henan Province,China
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