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The natural advantages of aluminum alloys in automotive ligh

Edit:admin Date: 2019-04-24 16:22
In recent years, after the rapid development of automobile market, the requirement of automobile is not only limited to function, but also to the whole car body. According to the current demand of the customers, the lightweight of the automobile body is the pursuit of the majority of customers at present.
First,The light weight of the car body can not only effectively reduce the weight of the car body, but also achieve energy saving and emission reduction. Keep the car lightweight while achieving the goal of environmental protection.
Second, the increase in passenger comfort and safety for. Of motor vehicles is not to reduce capacity of aluminum alloy case reduce vehicle weight, body weight reduction, the car more stable and comfortable. Due to the absorption of aluminum can is good, has obvious advantages in terms of crash safety, deformation of the front part of the car at the time of the collision will have wrinkles, can absorb a great deal of impact, protecting the back of driver and passenger.

Third, easy to recycle aluminum. Aluminum products in use almost no corrosion or only slight corrosion occurs, in the conventional materials used in industry, aluminum recycling value rate is highest. Aluminum-aluminum-products-use-recycled aluminum ingots and then processed into aluminum recycling process, aluminum consumption is only about 5%, its regeneration performance than any commonly used metals are high. 
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