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Features of 7000 series aluminum alloy

Edit:admin Date: 2019-04-24 16:25
Welded component material (Al-Zn-Mg series)
This alloy represented by 7005,7020, has the following three characteristics:
Compared with 5083 alloy, it is easier to make extruded profiles, and its workability and corrosion resistance are also good. High strength can be obtained by age hardening.
Even if it is natural aging, it can achieve quite high strength and low sensitivity to crack.
The heat-affected part of welding is solute when heated, so the strength of welding joint can be restored after natural aging, so the strength of welding joint can be improved. These alloys are widely used in the fabrication of welded components
High strength alloy materials (Al-Zn-Mg-Cu series)
This alloy, mostly used as aircraft material, is represented by superhard aluminum alloy 7075. In recent years, sports goods such as ski poles, golf clubs and other sporting goods have also been made of this alloy. 7075 alloy heat treatment, often used T651, this treatment can make the residual stress after T6 treatment, after tensile correction and homogenization, T73 treatment will reduce the mechanical properties of the workpiece, but it can reduce the stress corrosion tendency.
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