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What are the properties of five-bar aluminum checker sheet?

Edit:admin Date: 2019-04-25 10:07
Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum checker plate manufacturer, producing one bar, two bars, three bars, five bars aluminum plate, introducing the five-bars aluminum checker plate for you here.
Five bars pattern plate is also called willow leaf pattern plate, aluminum checker plate. Has good anti-skid ability, and is widely used in building (floor) platform design and so on. This pattern has excellent anti-skid performance because the pattern on the surface of the aluminum plate is arranged in a relatively parallel arrangement according to the five concave and convex patterns, and the angle between each pattern and other patterns is 60-80 degrees. This kind of aluminum plate is usually used at home and has good antiskid effect.

The alloy of five bars checker plate is mainly 1 series, 3 series, 5 series. 1060 checker plate price is lower, can use ordinary cold storage, floor and so on. 3003 as representative of 3 series checker aluminum plate is also a kind of anti-rust aluminum, the strength is higher than 1 series,.However, hardness and corrosion resistance are not as good as 5 series, so they are generally used in freight cars, cold storage, etc. 5052, 5083 as the representative of the 5-series aluminum checker plate,it has good performance, high hardness, good rust resistance, corrosion resistance. Therefore, can be used in ships, carriage lamps and other damp requirements of complex environment.
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